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Autumn Preparation

I Pulled by last two Honey Supers ( Boxes ) off for the season today. Perhaps one more... I’ll check one last super possibly next week when I get around to it. The rest of the honey supers will remain for the bees to overwinter. Will be extracting my last pull of honey by the weekends end. I did my best this season with minimal loss to date. Caught a few swarms, made quite a few splits and sold some as Nucs later in the season. A couple of cut outs and relocating colonies to my yard. I Treated my bees in somewhat of a timely fashion first with a series of OA treatments and then with Formic Pro. I learned a lot more this season as far as Bee nutrition and how good gut health is important for honeybees when they aren’t always getting what they should be getting while foraging in nature. Thanks to one of my mentors waking me up to this as I am completing my fifth summer with honeybees. I have been feeding them as I see best. Overall not a bad season other than this unusually weird weather we have had. in the Hudson Valley in New York State. It started out pretty miserable the end of March and entering into the first weeks of April. A real false start to spring which tricked the bees... and me .. into full spring mode and then back to winter mode. The summer had been very hot and dry here as well all summer long with very little rain to speak of. Long dearth with not much of a nectar flow to speak of. Soon...the temps will begin to drop and as we head deeper into October, hopefully they will be ok. I’ll treat them again for mites towards middle October as an insurance policy to keep them mite free or at the least try to. I’ll also now begin to get a little 2:1 syrup into them this week coming as well. I’ll wrap my hives later in the fall to keep the drafts out of the colony and add my insulation tops under the cover to keep moisture levels at bay. It’s not the cold that actually can kill your bees during the winter. It is the moisture that can accumulate under the cover that can rain down on your bees during freeze ups and sudden warm ups in the hive boxes. Before you know it, winter in the Northeast will roar in like a lion and then I will find myself staring at my hive colonies waiting on warmer winter days looking for colonies to do their cleansing flights. As winter moves on, I will be waiting for them to once again come to life hoping that colony losses will be at a low numbers In spring and to start another season with them. I have hopes for the same for all you beekeepers out there and wish your honeybees good luck as well. - Larry-

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