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Larry’s Backyard Bees: The Full Story

We Love Beekeeping

“We Love our Bees” is our motto here at Larry’s Backyard Bees. What started out as a hobby in 2016 has now become a thriving business.We started off with one honeybee colony in our backyard and now have a number of thriving hives located throughout the Hudson Valley within New York State. The hive colonies are still maintained and managed by the owner, Larry Perlitz. Larry's Backyard Bees is based in Newburgh, NY. We sell 100 % Local Raw Wildflower Honey produced by our very own bees right here in Hudson Valley. We are also is a purveyor of quality beekeeping supplies available for sale to both the beginner and experienced beekeeper for their apiaries.Honeybee NUCS and Package Bees are available for sale to beekeepers when in season. We also offer seasonal beekeeping classes including Beekeeping 101 for the novice just getting into beekeeping and Advanced Boot Camps for the intermediate beekeeper. Private Lessons are also available. Our honeybee service include Swarm Recovery and Rescue, Residential and Business Cut-Outs and Small Scale Pollination Services.


About Us

Everyone here at Larry’s Backyard Bees shares an undying passion for the wonderful world of bees. Since 2017, we’ve been keeping our buzzing pollinating buddies busy, doing our part to make the world a better place to live in. Starting out with just a single beehive, we’ve become a well-known business and a respected beekeeper in the Newburgh area. 

In addition to maintenance and production, we hope to raise awareness with the general public about the dangers honeybees currently face. 

We offer and sell an array of quality beekeeping supplies to our beekeeping counterparts. From the novice who may be setting up his first bee hives to the intermediate and more experienced beekeepers looking for additional gear and add-ons for their apiaries, we have what you are looking for.  

From wooden ware and frames crafted and milled right here in the USA, Beekeepers Tools, Bee Suits and Jackets to Harvesting Equipment and Glassware. Check out out products or give us a call to hear more about our products and prices if you don't see it here.

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Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb


Piece of Honeycomb

Swarm Capture 

Recover and Rescue exterior swarms that may land outside on your property possibly creating a public hazard. Swarming is a natural instinct in honeybees during the spring and summer months during their reproductive cycle. We capture the swarm and relocate the colony to one of our local bee yards.


Interior Residential and Business Colony Cut-Out Eradication

When a swarmed colony takes up residency in the walls of your home or business we cut out the colony living in there, professionally removing the bees, brood and honey comb, eradicating the bees from your property. The bees are safely given a new home in a hive box and relocated to one of our bee yards.


Pollination Services

Larry's Backyard Bees offers small scale pollination services to Farmers in the Hudson Valley, NY. Learn how you can lease our beehives to pollinate your orchards and crops. This is a seasonal service. Please CALL for pricing and availability.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

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